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Qtrade Investor is a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aviso Wealth. 

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Your online investing account options include cash and margin, along with registered plans: RSP (CDN$ and US$), TFSA, RIF, LIF, and RESP. A full range of investment options includes stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds and GICs.

Full range of accounts and  investment choices

What makes Qtrade Investor one of Canada's best online brokers

Qtrade Investor is known for outstanding service. You can expect prompt, reliable support and knowledgeable answers to your questions.

Customer support you can rely on

Extensive trading tools and research

Ready to explore and discover fresh investment ideas? Qtrade Investor has all the essential stock trading tools, plus plenty of extras, including customized reports, model portfolios, breaking investment news, stock market analysis tools and real-time quotes.

Monitor your RSP portfolio, access market information, view breaking news, and trade stocks, online and on your smartphone.

Mobile trading

Fresh thinking for online investors –
no wonder Qtrade Investor is consistently ranked among Canada's best online brokers.

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Whether you’re building wealth for retirement, for your kids’ education, or for another major goal, Qtrade Investor gives you everything you need to make smart decisions and take control of your financial future:

$8.75 stock trades

Trade 100 ETFs for free

Outstanding service

Powerful online investing tools

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Transfer in an account of $15,000 or more and we'll reimburse your transfer fees up to $150.

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No other broker is good in so many different areas and no other broker makes such consistent year-by-year improvements."

— Rob Carrick, The Globe & Mail (February 2020)


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